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100Ah Stackable Lifepo4 Energy Storage Battery 12.8kwh For Residential

Module: 5pcs

Nominal Capacity: 1280kwh

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2 Module Parallel Residential Battery Storage System 10.24kwh 48V

Module Number: 2

Capacity: 10.24kwh

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Solar Photovoltaic Residential Battery Storage System 7.68KW 48S1P

Module Index: 3

Total Capacity: 7.68kwh

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Solar Energy Residential Battery Storage System Stacked With Lithium Ion Battery

Modules: 4

Capacity Full Charge: 10.24kwh

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LiFePO4 Residential Battery Energy Storage System 2560Wh 51.2V DC

Nominal Capacity: 2.56kwh

Nominal Voltage: 51.2V

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Customized Household Battery Backup System Renewable 125V With BMS

Max AC Output Power (W): 3690W-5000W

Start-up Voltage(V): 125V

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Ip55 Protection Stackable Lifepo4 Battery For Household Energy Storage

Battery Type: Lead-acid And Lithium-ion

Battery Voltage Range(V): 40v~60v

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Multifunctional Wall Mounted Inverter Battery Hybrid With LCD Screen

External Temperature Sensor: Optional

Rated AC Output And UPS Power(W): 3600-5000

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5 Module Residential Battery Storage System 25.60kwh 48V All In One For Home

Module Qty: 5

Nominal Capacity: 25.60kwh

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